January 3, 2006

Dogpile.com Celebrates 10 Years of Search

Marks Its Own Success at Developing a Winning Combination and Shares Some of the Best and Worst Combinations Attempted in Recent History

BELLEVUE, Wash., Jan 03, 2006 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Dogpile.com, the search engine that combines the top results from all the leading search engines, is celebrating its 10th birthday today by looking back at some of the other best and worst combinations that people have attempted over the years. Sometimes these combinations work, and sometimes they go horribly wrong. Today Dogpile.com celebrates both.

Dogpile.com was humbly born on January 2, 1996 when its founders noticed that different search engines often return different results for the very same term. Following this discovery, Dogpile.com's innovative metasearch technology was created and has been pairing better results with savvy searchers ever since. Since then, Internet search has become the second most popular online activity, after e-mail, yet many people are still in the dark about the advantages of metasearch, prompting Dogpile.com to celebrate itself, along with a few other notable hits and misses.

Worst Combinations:
    --  Tom Cruise + Katie Holmes = TomKat
        Whether talking about TomKat or Bennifer, the trend of
        combining celebrity couples' names for ease of tabloiding is
        just plain out of control.
    --  Short On Top + Long In the Back = Mullet
        With no less than a hundred subsets, no list of bad
        combinations would be complete without the iconic mullet.
    --  Turkey + Duck + Chicken = Turducken
        This multi-bird roast combines a turkey stuffed with a duck,
        which itself is stuffed with a small chicken. In an age of
        higher health-consciousness, this triple meat combination is a
        pure artery clogger.
    --  Pickles + Chips = Pickle Sandwich
        This is a classic example of a food combination gone awry.
        Everyone has their personal favorite - think back to the
        school lunch, when the kid with the pickle sandwich always had
        trouble trading that with a lunch mate.
    Best Combinations:
    --  Spoon + Fork = Spork
        Since 1970 the spork has cut the need for school lunch
        utensils by half, affording both an economic and environmental
        friendly impact that can not be minimized. Best used for foods
        that can be eaten by either a fork or spoon, the spork is a
        cafeteria classic.
    --  Lion + Tiger = Liger
        A top combo hailed by an Indie film classic, or if for no
        other reason than the Liger's purported magical skills.
    --  Gas Engine + Electric Engine = Hybrid Engine
        For years, the internal combustion engine has become a major
        air polluter, but now we've learned to dramatically cut
        harmful emissions and price gouging at the pump with the fuel
        efficient hybrid engine.
    --  Google + Yahoo! Search + MSN Search + Ask = Dogpile.com
        Through this ingenious combination, Dogpile.com offers the
        most efficient way to find what you are looking for on the
        Internet. First page search results are largely different
        across all four top engines, which makes Dogpile.com home to
        some of the most relevant search results on the 'Net. Try a
        demo for yourself at: http://comparesearchengines.dogpile.com.

"There is a common belief that all search engines are the same, but research has shown each engine has its own unique view of the Internet and top results. By using a combination of all the best search engines, Dogpile.com provides a better way to find more of the web's top results," said Jon Nolz, Director of Marketing for Dogpile.com.

If you have your own suggestions about best and worst combinations, e-mail dogpile@webershandwick.com or visit http://BestCombinations.dogpile.com. Dogpile.com will compile all the best submissions and disclose the best (and worst!) entries at a later date.

About Dogpile.com®

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